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Omega G.

Working for this company has been a great learning experience. I could not ask for a better group of colleagues. I have grown in many ways during my time here and I appreciate the opportunities provided for me by PMFTC and Global Quest.

Please express my thanks to Ms. Jenny and Sir Jojo. They have been good to me as well and they deserve the commitment and service that I provided. No words can express of my gratitude and you’ve been part of my life for 3 years..long enough for me remember until I reached ages.. =)



Gilbert O.

It’s almost 2 years when I started in Global Quest, I learned a lot of things in terms of technical work,  how to manage people and to be calm and respectful with our users as well I gained friends. I received appreciation, support and motivation from this company they never leave you alone when issues going out in your team, I remembered the day when Marikina team experiencing problem, the GQ COO Joseph Azucena Immediately rescue his men and fixed the issue that was the day I never forget for being supportive to his people. Also the GQ staff never stop supporting us all documents I request from them is always served.

Thank you very much Global Quest, Sir Joseph and the staff for being nice to me also with others, such a great Christmas party you gave this year. I am looking forward to see more success in the Global Quest as well for their employees. God bless us all !!!  (Don’t forget our increase. Hehehe!!!)

Norman V.

I want to know by everybody who will read this, how much I enjoyed my stay being GQC employee from the time I was hired year 2007, up to the last days I was deployed in Coca-Cola company. I had improved a lot in terms of career and personal development, while knowingly having a great, cheerful and respectable staff which help/assist me to resolve conflicts during my dark times while working in coke.

Also during my stay I haven't experience any delay in any of my salary not a single cut, which they really deliver it on time every 15th and 30th day of the month, which they usually release it ahead of schedule like a day or two or even three days ahead.

I'm grateful to say that GQC is place to be, ideally I had fun and enjoyed my stay with company. That means a lot to me as I had improve a lot in my working habits, having a great boost, productive and enjoyable day to day working with Coca-cola company.

Good luck and more power to Global Quest Consulting Team for a wonderful effort and thank you very much for an enjoyable stay.

Genreb R.

I would like to thank Global Quest as well as Sir Gat Sese to make me part of the group as a consultant in PMFTC, Inc., aside from learning new skills with regards to my profession, I also enjoy the company of my colleague from Global Quest and PMFTC IS. Many Thanks Sir Joseph and more client to come!!

Albert A.

Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. has provided skilled IT Professionals for their client. Each OSE(Onsite Support Engineer) has been creative and unique, tuned specifically to the type of customer they have. In the rare event that an OSE wanted something different, they listened to us, and made the requested changes with no difficulty. We continue to enjoy working with Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. and plan to be with them as long as the company needs our service. I highly recommend Global Quest as an IT Consulting Firm with the best and skilled IT professionals (like us :-) ).

Global Quest is the Best!!!

Gerald D.

Hindi ako nagkamali sa pgjoin sa GQ, kasi lahat ng narararasan ko ngayon sa work ko e masaya at mabuti para sakin.. Hindi ko mararating yung mga napuntahan ko at mga nakainan ko kung hindi dahil sa GQ dahil inassign nila ako sa isang malaki at maayos na company which is Philip Morris. Sana, madami pang matulungan ang GQ na IT professionals. Thanks and more power GQ.

Vergie I.

As a fresh grad and a starter to the real world, Global Quest has changed my beliefs on what agency is, thought that being under on a agency is not good. Pero now, what can I say is “they’re all wrong!”

Hindi nagkulang ang GQ for us, and as an employee under GQ they provide the best for us. Staffs are very accommodating to us when we have some issues to ask them.

I would love to recommend GLOBAL QUEST to my friends!

Rosalie P.

Natutulungan ng global quest ang mga employees nia na mag-grow ang skills in IT kasi dinedeploy nila ang mga Consultants, etc. sa mga companies na ineexpose talaga ang mga employees sa IT field.



Jovan E.

Working with GQ has been one of best experiences as far as my career is concern. It has brought me far, literally. The best thing that I admire about GQ is the undying spirit of camaraderie. Everyone is willing to extend support to each other which adds more life than work . Furthermore, a company is not a company without its people  and GOOD people is what makes a GOOD company…

Bernard C.

I would like to thank to Global Quest for giving me a nice job, Global quest is my 2nd family and also I would to thank to my co onsite engineer, because of them I learned allot of thing with regards to Technical skills. All I’ve learned this is my steps for my successful carrier growth. For Global Quest Consulting more power and good speed.

Noah C.

A glorious day for a glorious job, where I find peace as the water drop”. May I thank Global Quest for giving me an opportunity to be part of a great community, I have learn a lot from my current job as an Onsite Support Engineer at Philip Morris International, I would also thank God for leading me to them in the end making me a better person each day. I wish the very best of luck to all the Global Quest Family and all my colleagues at work, more powers and blessings to come.

Cecile G.

Global Quest Consulting Group Inc.  is a great company. My time here has been fruitful and I've gained a lot of knowledge and experience. The project manager/leads have been very supportive and professional. When I first joined this company, I had doubts. But after working here for years, I could say I've made a right choice.                      

More power to Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. and the people behind this great company.

Gary G.

For me, I can consider Global Quest Consulting as my second home and my colleagues are my family.

At home, we live, interact with one another, learn new things, share whatever have and grow as a better person.

We grow not only professionally but even mentally and emotionally. Here we have the spirit of being ONE…

And that spirit is a must have in every family… Thank you Global Quest for being my second family!


Albert J.

I started 2008 as Global Quest employee and it’s been almost 4 years since joining them, I learn on how to be confident, polite and respect other people.

With the help of the whole staff I just want to say THANK YOU!! Global Quest! More power to your company.

Ronald S.

Being part of Global Quest is an honor for me.  I can say that GQ is successful because of the dedication of the employees, client-centric focus, consistent for delivery excellence and most of all; they are passionate about helping the need of their employees and thinking how they could do their best just to help and reach their employees then. Also, Global Quest is a company which combines professionalism and advance need in terms of IT industry expertise. They strive to hire the best and retain them. I could say they have a program that promotes delivery excellence and stronger client relationships.

When I joined GQ year 2008, I was pleasantly surprised by its depth of Technical Support expertise. In Tech Support projects, the devil is in the execution details, and this is where GQ excels. I have been able to infuse industry best practices in to a number of clients in big organization where I am belong now.

Thanks Global Quest and more Power!

Jenelyn G.

Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. is the second agency I am engaged in. I am turning 1 year under it and I can say that they have satisfied all the needs that an employee needed. Everytime that I request for my personal documents, they make it appoint to respond immediately. And most important of all is that the Company furnishes the salary ahead of the given payday. I admire the immediate feedback of different departments which in turn made the consultant’s satisfied with the agency they have.

Donna O.

Global Quest is not just a company, it's a culture itself that lets you develop your talent and ideas because you are listened to and treated as a valuable team member. Here, you can learn from people with different knowledge and experience.

Ebbe Grace B.

Global Quest Consulting Group is a very friendly working companion helping you achieve your goals professionally. People who composes the group helps and lends hand even in the smallest way they can, making us see that they are approachable and feel that they really mean to rally round. Thanks Global Quest! :-)


Glaiza A.

Globalquest Consulting Group Inc. is an organization that help us feel secure and uncomplicated in our jobs.  They’re responsive and accommodating to all of us.

Thanks so much Globalquest!

Mary Grace S.

At first i really dont know or i have no any idea what GLOBALQUEST is, Because the only thing in my mind is to find a job that fits on my qualifications..

Until one day while im browsing on the internet, i saw the adds in the jobstreet and GLOBAL QUEST is needing a data analyst.

So i decide to pass my resume, and after one 2 to 3 days one of their staff called me.. And she offered me a good company, a good salary..And i can't find a hard time to process my requirements, coz they gave me enough time to process that.

The staff is very accomodating, easy to talk and very supportive, co'z everytime a have questions,concerns, etc.. i'll just text her and she reply asap.

So if i'm needing a job again, i want to find it with global quest..

So again i would like to thank GlobalQuest for helping me..

Christian S.

About Global Quest, Alam nyo OK tong company na to eh laging umaattend sa mga concern nming mga onsites, supportive lalo na c Boss Joseph d ka pababayaan nyan.

Increase! Increase! Increase! Kaya join na kyo! My pang sine ka pa d2……….

Arnold A.

After my project ended at the other company as 1st Line Operation Manager, I decided to update resume. After a week, someone from Global Quest Consulting Group called me and invited me for an interview since the employer was need a Regional On-Site Support. I am one of the lucky applicants who was hired. Now I’m here in PMFTC Inc. working as a Regional On-Site Engineer and exploring the beautiful places of the Philippines.

Thanks Global Quest Consulting Group for making all of my dreams come true.

Manny O.

Thank you Global Quest Group lalo na sa Support nyo sa amin wala akong masabi..Salamat din sa pagkakataon na makag travel ng ibang sites..Dito ko lang naranasan ang ganun..Salamat at Sana More jobs at malayo pa sana at mahaba mahaba pa sana ang ating pagsasamahan..Again Thank YOU

Anthony A.

Global Quest – what can I say with my present company?, well its been 3 years ng magjoin ako sa knila and the samahan is getting so solid.

Mababait ang mga employees (finance, marketing, hr etc.) at benefits ng consultant nila iniisip.

Thanks GQ and more power!

-Tonio J

Edwin R.

Hi Global Quest,

Thanks you for everything……….Go for Gold………

Norwin F.

It’s been almost three years that I have working under GQ and I salute them for taking care of the needs of its employees, “Kahit nasa Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao ka man, GQ lang ang naka-supporta”.

Noel R.

First and foremost, I must say that I would not have a job a right now if it were not for Global Quest Consulting Group. The company provides an excellent services and partnership in providing world class IT professionals combined with their supportive staff make you feel that you have a good friend in helping you make the right move into industry.

I would happily recommend Global Quest to anyone looking for a job especially in information technology position!

Wildon S.

Global quest is a group of dedicated IT professionals nurtured by technical expertise and professionalism.

Joyce Ann B.

Hi Global Quest,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience the real world of Information Technology.  More power and success to your organization, may Global Quest continue giving great opportunities to the young IT professionals. Thank you and God Bless Global Quest! 

Enelyn R.

“Management & staff are very accommodating, they always attend to the needs of their deployed employee”

Miguel D.

What I can say to Global Quest is Okay dito approachable yung mga tao madali kausap at iniintindi yung mga concerns ng bawat employee nila...

Edmund C.

I'm so grateful that I became part of Global Quest they are easy to approach and very friendly.

I'm glad that they assigned me at Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco, Inc. as Onsite Support Engineer in Makati where my colleagues have professionalism and dependable that develops more of my technical skills.

Thank you very much Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. I wish you more success and continue progress of the company.

Jay M.

"People in Global Quest are easy to deal with. This is especially true during times of contract renewal.  If they can't give in to your demands (those who are asking sky high rates), they would find ways to come up with a solution that would make both parties happy and satisfied."

Norman V.

I want to know by everybody who will read this, how much I enjoyed my stay being GQC employee from the time I was hired year 2007, up to the last days I was deployed in Coca-Cola company. I had improved a lot in terms of career and personal development, while knowingly having a great, cheerful and respectable staff which help/assist me to resolve conflicts during my dark times while working in coke.

Also during my stay I haven't experience any delay in any of my salary not a single cut, which they really deliver it on time every 15th and 30th day of the month, which they usually release it ahead of schedule like a day or two or even three days ahead.

I'm grateful to say that GQC is place to be, ideally I had fun and enjoyed my stay with company. That means a lot to me as I had improve a lot in my working habits, having a great boost, productive and enjoyable day to day working with Coca-cola company.

Good luck and more power to Global Quest Consulting Team for a wonderful effort and thank you very much for an enjoyable stay.

Renato B.

Global Quest Consulting Group Inc.  the company that provides IT professionals for their client like PMFTC. I learned so much in Global Quest specially in my decision making for the client, they listen to recommendations, suggestions and support actions provided by their employee to provide a better solutions needed by their clients.

In the event that there employee has concern regarding salaries, cash advances and request approval they are always available to address the concern/ inquiry. We enjoy working with them as long as the company still need our service. 

Sa Global Quest……Ayos Dito!!!!!!

Mc Joel R.

Good Day Sir, Madam

I am very thankful to God that I experience to be part of Global Quest Consulting as my second home and my colleagues are all like a brother me.

In our life, we live, interact with one another, learn new big things, share whatever have and grow as a better person.

We grow not only professionally but even mentally and emotionally.

Here we have the spirit of being ONE…

And that spirit is a must have in every family…

I will cherish all the days that I’ve been part of this great & unforgettable experience that brings me into a new level of being professional.

Thank you very much Global Quest for being my second family!" I Pray and Wish great favor upon to this Company.

Bernald C.

Dear Global Quest,

I just wanted to let you know I enjoy being employed by your company, with the service provided and support to applicants and employees.

Your service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, yet friendly level that far exceeds all other recruitment agencies I have dealt with. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and I am made to feel unique, never feeling that I am just one of many applicants/ employee that you and your office have to deal with each day.

It has been a pleasure to be able to pay you back in some way by giving my wholehearted and thorough recommendation to other employees and companies as well, on what is a breath of fresh air in the recruitment industry in this area – Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. Long may you continue to set standards for others to follow. Thanks Global Quest and to all employees under the successful recruitment company.

Sheila O.

Global Quest provides not just assistance but care to their consultant. They give not just work but a profession that will leads in a better future. Like mine, from being Consultant to Specialist of a prestige Telecommunication Company.

Thanks my Global Quest family :)

Winsonia B.

"Global Quest Consulting Group give importance to all the concerns of their employees. They listen, act and understand.

I would like to thank Global Quest Consulting Group for being nice. Keep it up and more power!"

Rhea V.

Never will i forget how Global Quest Co. brought tremendous change not only in financial but also in intellectual and personal aspects of my life. At first, it's difficult for me to work under an agency because of "what ifs" caused by some hearsays. But then Global Quest unleashed those doubts and proved it wrong as they worked fairly and reasonably with their consultants. 

And now, i should say i will not regret working with this company who made way for me to work in one of the best and aimed company in the country, The Globe Telecom.

Thank God I've been Ka-Globe for one and half years. I'm glad i was able to experience working in a high class building, with a high class equipment and facilities. And of course I'm grateful also working with people who taught, enhanced, developed not only my professional but also my personal skill and somehow brought priceless happiness and joy in my life.
Had a great experiences with Globe :)

Ruth S.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Global Quest and Globe. It was a pleasure to work with my colleagues in Globe, through Global Quest I have been in this group which I can say I must be proud of.  I gained experiences here and lessons, because I can say I learned from my mistakes which I know were part of my involvement in the company. 

Aside from the company’s name, the people were also easy to work with, though at times you need to understand some situations that need a professional response over it.  Also together with Global Quest, I would like to express appreciation for their service. They were very is nice and friendly. All in all the whole experience has been great. 

Kenneth B.

Being a part of Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. has really help me a lot! As an IT Professional, Global Quest provided what all the requirements needed, from the devices needing to perform task to all the personnel issues/concerns.

All staffs are very approachable, kind and very supportive. For me, I considered having opportunity to worked with Global Quest is such a wonderful career experience being  as an IT Professionals.

Global Quest Consulting Group Inc.!

Thanks for all the support! More power and God Bless!

Edwin C.

As a Web Developer/Programmer, I have always wanted a company that will help me progress, personally and most of all professionally. When I began working at GlobalQuest Consulting Group, Inc., the quest is over, they have given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge in my chosen field and more.

I have learned how to interact, listen and to attend to the needs of our clients, to make sure that we give the best service they deserved. As an employee of GlobalQuest, they are always ready to support and address any of my concern.

I am grateful that GlobalQuest has given me the chance to work with them. It's like having a family in your working environment.

Thank you very much GlobalQuest.

Rex R.

Quite a few months after getting my professional license, I’ve been reluctant on signing a contract with agencies, until Global Quest.  As a fresh graduate, a high paying job was not really my highest priority, rather, the experience.  Not only was I assigned to one of the most competitive and most renowned telecommunications company in the Philippines (Globe Telecom), but I was offered as well a salary higher than what I have had expected.

During the course of working for Globe Telecom under Global Quest for the past 2 years, I’ve met several consultants under competing agencies.  Common sentiments they all share; their outcry on the tedious amount of effort they’d have to go through with an extremely short amount of time to prepare and submit their daily time record and necessary papers that go with it.  Their government contributions were not properly remitted and receiving their pays with deductions due to erroneous computations.

With Global Quest, not only were we given an ample amount of time to prepare the necessary papers but also, submission couldn’t be any easier.  Government contributions were always updated.  The pay was always on time and undoubtedly calculated fittingly, and the staffs are as gracious and accommodating as they are professional. 

Now that my contract has come to its conclusion, I could only look back and say that it’s been a privilege working with Global Quest and a very remarkable experience.

Khristina V.

Hi Globalquest,

Thank you for the the opportunity that you've given to us.

I am grateful to be part of this company.

It is true that GQ is the most trusted and admired IT consulting firm today.

Keep up the good work GQ. More blessings to come.

Marcel D.

I am grateful that the "Global Quest Consulting Group Inc." was the one chosen by GXI as a manpower provider during my stay.

Thank you to all the services and satisfaction you offered. Hopefully you are still with me on my next job quest.

Howard M.

"I enjoyed my experienced being part of Global Quest. Management and staff are really approachable and client oriented.

On-time payroll and most of all they attend to the needs of their people and make sure that we get the best. More power and God Bless Global Quest!"

Joana F.

I am thankful to Global Quest for playing a significant role on my first employment which is in Globe Telecom, Inc. Thanks to the employees for attending on our concerns and for doing a job well done.

Yanna D.

I can say that Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. have stood out and truly superior from those of other staffing /consulting companies in every way.  Every time I’ve had a question or concern of any kind, they have been extremely responsive.  Global staff was very professional and takes their responsibility to their consultants seriously. They stay in constant contact with us, and demonstrate concern on both a professional and personal level. I never had any difficulties with them. Mostly, they have helped me get my foot in the door of an excellent and my dream company, the Globe Telecom. I’m delighted and proud to be one of Global Quest consultants. I would not hesitate to use or recommend their services to others in the future. Thank you team GQ!

Edward T.

Working with Globe Telecommunications and Global Quest is truly a remarkable experience.

Working and dealing to new people, making good friendships within your team, dealing with high profile people and attending to their needs and concerns, and dealing with trials and hardships that regards to the work.

Global Quest had given me the opportunity to work with one of the trusted and one of the biggest Telecommunication Company here in the Philippines, Globe Telecom.  I know that there are people who longed and wished to work for Globe. I am one of those. That was a life changing moment when I already stepped in the Globe premise. “This is already the start of a new career and dreams come true.”

Globe has also given me the responsibility of teaching the new members of our team. In which, you have to share with them the ideas, the techniques and the simplest methods to answering each customers demands.

Amidst of issues that Globe is handling and receiving every day, it still stands out firm and intact because of people who act as one for the company. Different people, groups, nationalities working together to resolve the complaint.

To my Globe and Global Quest Family, thank you for giving the chance to work with your company.  This will remain in memory and the start of a new career started from you.

Renee D.

My experiences with GlobalQuest have been by far the most pleasing, GlobalQuest made employment process simple and extremely quick and effortless.

Once again, thank you very much for all your help to date.

Michael S.

In almost five months of employment in Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. I can say that they are a big part of my starting career and they serve as a guide for me to make myself confident in facing the corporate world. They are not greedy to their consultant and you can feel that you are important to them as I feel while working with them in five fruitful months. Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc.  has been an amazing company which has given me a lot of growth and opportunities. I would like to thank them for believing in me and my potential. It’s hard to think that a good start needs to end and as I wish for my company Global Quest, a good luck in this year 2014 and to the following years of our lord Jesus Christ.

Today I stand tall with my vast experience and proudly say that I am part of the " Global Quest Consulting Group " family.

Mary R.

It feels great being with GlobalQuest for almost a year. And I feel blessed working at Globe Telecom especially the camaraderie I had with my workmates. Sadly, things has to end. I just wish your good company all the best!

Manilyn J.

Dear Global Quest,

Thank you for giving me experience with Globe that develop not only my skills but also my professionalism in work. Thank you also for accommodating if i have concerns and something that need to clarify.

Godbless the company and its management.

April A.

Hi Global Quest Sir/Ma’am,

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude. I have been with the company for almost two years. My experience seems to be a good match for the position described that’s why I really enjoyed my stay with the company. You pushed me to be more efficient and disciplined; I indeed, deeply appreciate it. And because of you, I feel qualified to undertake my new assignment.

My deepest thanks to you people! Wishing you all a fruitful years ahead.

Thanks for the friendship. God Bless! Ciao!

Maxie M.

"My 5th time"

Why my 5th time? Global Quest has been a tough hunter when it comes to Job placement. I think it was January until May 2012 when they really start sending me invitations for interview in different companies. It was my 5th time when Global Quest send me invites for interview at Globe Telecom, luckily I got the job. It was a turning point of my career when I enter Globe with the full support and assistance of Global Quest. No hassle in requirements as they would give you help in processing your papers. No delayed in salary and very caring to its consultants. On the other hand, Globe have trained me and turned me into a  leveled up and skilled individual after handling different responsibilities. In my 1 year and 7 months of stay both parties have mold me into a better individual.

Thank you Global Quest and Globe Telecom for giving me the opportunity to serve you both. God bless us all.

Fran B.

Global Quest Consulting,

Greetings! Thank you Global Quest for giving me the great opportunity to excel.

This company really helped me a lot to enhance my skills and abilities. Working with you is the best.

Thank you and hoping for the much success of Global Quest!

Marc E.

When I applied in GLOBAL QUEST, it’s totally unintentional. I just accidentally click the “Apply” button and then it goes I was employed by almost 2 years with them. Mabilis ang employment ni Global Quest and i salute for that, no questions at all, no doubt. When you are in GLOBAL QUEST, they don’t treat you as an employee but as a member of the family. They always do professional due care on both sides of the coin… SISTERHOOD kumbaga and hindi ka iiwanan sa “ere” :-). I was deployed at GLOBE TELECOM and honestly, hindi ako aware na sa GLOBE pala ako tatagal. We are on a casual basis but I’ve never felt na casual ako, maybe because we are on the same track in terms of work status. Kaya talagang fully supported sila sa akin. I enjoyed staying at GLOBAL QUEST and GLOBE as may work station.

Congrats and more power!!

“Proudly employee with prestige”

Jayson M.

When I first called by Global Quest Consulting Group Inc., I was impressed with the professional, courteous and friendly manner in which I was greeted by their HR personnel. Based on my experience with other companies, this not only sounded too good to be true, but it gave me the encouragement to meet their representative to further discuss my staffing needs.

After meeting with the company representative, I left with the feeling that my staffing needs would be taken into consideration. The company representative was not only diligent and businesslike in her approach, but she was honestly willing to assist me and was dedicated and committed to the well-being of her clients.

Based on my initial positive experience and having worked with the company, I take great pride in personally recommending the company to anyone seeking employment, or any business wanting to recruit the right staff for its organization. I am confident that Global Quest Consulting Group Inc., through its professional and dedicated staff will choose the right candidates for the job.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. for their professionalism and dedication in helping me obtain a position as  Assistant Engineer at Globe Telecom Inc. Due to Global Quest  Consulting Group Inc.’s effective and efficient recruitment process my application was shortlisted two weeks after submission. Global Quest Consulting Group Inc., had a fantastic insight into how the employer worked and exactly who they were looking for.

I will encourage every individual or company to contact Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. before looking elsewhere as it stands tall above the rest of recruiting companies."

Albert V.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Global Quest Consulting Group Incorporated has been highly impressive. Every aspect of your service has been beyond reproach and every member of staff has been courteous, polite and reliable. Thank you Global Quest Consulting Group Incorporated for the opportunities for professional and personal development that you have provided me during the last 8 months. I have enjoyed working at Globe Telecom and appreciate the help and support. Wishing Global Quest Consulting Group Incorporated to continue success. This is our group picture sorry i don't have a solo shot, i am the one with green collar. Thank you. :)

Cherry G.

My experience in Global Quest and the rest of the team you guys are so approachable i will describe your company in one word its very "Makatao" to your employees.

Thank you po!!

Mario S.

I want to formally thank Global Quest for giving me the opportunity to work at Globe. Even in such a short span of time, I was able to learn lots of new things, met great people and supportive colleagues.

Again, thank you Global Quest, for making great things possible!! Keep up the good work!

Dexter R.

2008 – 2010 yeh!!! Two short years, wish I had to stay longer with this company...Joining Global Quest, I have built the foundation up of my career with the help of well trained staff, great supportive management and best employee relationship.  

To anyone who wants to get more of your career, I absolutely recommend joining Global Quest.


Ed D.

It has been of great pleasure working with Global Quest. Through them, I get to work in a prestigious company, Globe Telecom. I even had the chance to learn things about the telecom industry as what my field is very much known of (ECE).

Through Global Quest, I get to meet friends and brothers with colleagues, and mentors through supervisors. I learned that working is not just earning, it is enjoying while growing.

Global Quest is entirely an opposite of what misconceptions are with agencies. They are actually into this formula:


- Salaries are advance most of the time.

- Staff are accommodating with regards to employees’ benefits

- Opportunities are unlimited.

Thank you for being a part of my career!

More power!

Allen F.

"It was a short stint, but I enjoyed my stay at Global Quest.  Surpassed my expectations from usual IT Agencies.  People are approachable and accommodating.  Always ready to answer my inquiries.  Would definitely suggest Global Quest to my friends and colleagues. :)"

Princess Q.

Good day!

Working for Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. in partnership with Globe Telecom, Inc. has been a great learning experience. My job expands my knowledge about the real communication thing. I was able to identify and learn the difference between the theoretical topics and what is really happening in the reality. This company will promote etiquette between the employee, management and the client. The management are very approachable and friendly. Here, you can learn from one another with different understanding and experience.

Thank you Global Quest family!

Jasmin C.

Global Quest Consulting Inc.

Has a great contribution in my professional endeavor.

I enjoy how the company's rule able to manage a good camaraderie among its greatest assets-"Employees" .

Enica M.

All good words will go to GlobalQuest. What I like about them the most is how they take good care of their people. They don't keep us hanging with anything specially when it comes to are paycheck/benefits, they are really reliable and transparent.

I really wish we don't need to transfer from other agency, I'm really happy with their service and hope someday I could go back with them.

Rose T.

My Experience in Global Quest and Globe Telecom

First of all I would like to thank my college friend because she is the reason why I’m here in Global Quest and also in Globe Telecom. This is my first job, that’s why I’m so thankful for the beautiful experience that I had. In the first place, I have no idea if what work I manage or my task in Globe. That time I’m nervous and excited on what happen that day and where department I assign.

New beginning, new experiences and new friends, here are the things that I achieved for the year 2013. I enjoyed a lot. More knowledge from our bosses or IS.  More support for the next work and in our life. More inspirational message and encouragement. Friendship build in 1 year and 3 months, my co workers even my IS, so that I treasured it. And it’s so very important to me.

Also I’m thankful and happy in our agency- Global Quest. For the caring thoughts and for the early payroll. Actually this is my first job and first agency encountered. I don’t know how to compute my time in and time out so Ms. Tara explains all about my salary even in overtime and thank you because I understand.

More power to all of you and I wish more people was help your agency to find a better job. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Aidin L.

The following statement may refer to my work experienced in Globe Telecom and Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc.

Globe Telecom is the one of the biggest telecommunication company that provides a wide area of connection for individuals with-in the country and abroad. As Project Assistant Engineer, this is not easy to overcome with-in a short period of time, this position comes with different responsibilities that occupy the whole operation of installation of the new system that this company used for the improvement. As assign in this position, my self confidence developed in many aspects, this position gives me an opportunity to enhance and developed my personal skills and ability to communicate in different person with different position of the company. As Project Assistant Engineer I am obliged to prepare and secure different documents that needed for site survey, site installation and acceptance of the project, coordinating with the different team like NOC VAS, NOC IP and FO Engineers during activity who are responsible in monitoring, testing and browsing of the new system installed in such area and tested in different critical/isolated areas. in such manner, I developed and enhance my self-confidence, ability and skills with proper communication and work etiquette.

For Global Quest who gives me this very kind opportunity and experience to worked in this multi-national company with it highest support for its employee and never turning us down. For the kindness and very accommodating staff that always approachable in many ways, that gives the good relationship and the best deal ever.

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience shared, and hoping that this is not the last time doing some business with your company.

Angelica R.

"I am thankful to have been employed by Global Quest. It was with them that I was given a rare chance to work for Globe Telecom and meet new friends. I had such great time working under GQ, there was never a dull moment. They paved ways for me to land a regular job. I wish GQ prosperity and success in all its ventures. Thanks, GQ, and God bless."

Johanna I.

My experience with Global Quest as an agency is okay. They tend to acknowledge the needs of their employees and is trying to grant all the requests of employees. They know how to make the employees welcomed and at home.

For my experience working with Globe Telecom, all I can say is it's been great. I have been assigned to a wonderful team. My first project showed me my capabilities in working overtime for a full month, challenged me in situations like working overnight. Yes, work is hard but co-employees make the work enjoyable. GCash team knows how to balance work and social life.

Also, when we moved in to The Globe Tower from Pioneer. I enjoyed the new office and activities within the building.

Shiela T.

It was October when I started working with Globe Telecom, Inc. through Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. It was a mix of excitement and nervousness of how the first day will turn out. But that day goes well and everyone was so willing to teach us. Globe Telecom. Inc. really bring new things fast and first and inspire and create opportunities. I really feel blessed working at this company because I’ve learned a lot which is somewhat related to my course taken. Globe Family helped me discover my strength and weaknesses and develop my skills. Global Quest family helps us on things like looking for a job that is appropriate on our course taken and work experience as well and they serves as a bridge in my work experience at Globe. "Thank You" can’t contain the gratitude I feel working at Globe and being with Global Quest Family.

I have learned a lot from the one year and two months experience I have worked with Globe.

I was assigned in NOC RAN which is responsible at monitoring and securing networks alarms that causes subscriber’s service degradation and interruptions. The team was nice and approachable – I remembered my first day working with them and I have a lot of questions yet they would always answer me nicely.

It was such a great pleasure working with Globe Telecom, Inc. and Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. I feel that the knowledge that I have gained will help me face my next challenge and the enthusiasm they have will keep me going on my next journey.

Thanks a lot!

Necyl C.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be hire and be part of your group. Though we may not see each other but you never failed to comply what I'm certainly need.

Thank you so much. God bless. 

Ryan T.

“No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.

The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” ^_^

And so, I would like to express my sincere and deepest gratitude to Global Quest Consulting Group Inc., for giving me the best opportunity in the IT industry and helping me jumpstart my career. This company provides exemplary services – they attend to employees concerns and responds immediately, special mention to the staffs that are really friendly and approachable.  The company I was assigned to is indeed wonderful – globally competitive, source of a great learning experience plus fun colleagues thus creating a healthy working environment.

Now, I have a clearer vision of my career.

Thanks to Global Quest! More power and God bless!

Mark C.

Overall, my experience with Global Quest was awesome. They always provide support to its members, answers inquiries in a timely manner and are always a step ahead in terms of ensuring that everything goes the way it should be. They are very transparent and very approachable. Indeed, this is one of those Companies we sorely lack nowadays.

So for those who are leaning on partnering with this great group of people, I can vouch that the decision you’ll be doing will never go to waste. Because with them, you’re in good hands.

Again, thanks for the times that I was under your care Global Quest! Godspeed! 

Trina D.

I've been at Global Quest as a Surveillance Engineer under NOC Radio Access at Globe Telecom for almost one year and three months. At first, I’m having a hard time in my shifting schedule but as the day goes by I’m getting used to it.

I gained more knowledge and friends while working here. I enjoyed every single day with them. The employees and staff in Global Quest are very nice and easy to approach with. I became sad when they transfer me to NOC Surveillance under Transmission because I need to study all over again. But as the days and months go by, I gained friends especially more knowledge.

Honestly, I’m very sad knowing that my contract had expired. But I know there will be a greater opportunity coming to my way. Thank you Global Quest family for this opportunity. I know this is not the end of my journey. God Bless us all.

Joseph D.

Good Day,

It is with deepest gratitude that I commend your efforts and that of the agency's during my employment with Globe Telecom from Feb2013-Dec2013.

I sincerely appreciate the time and the patience you spent in constantly reminding me to pass my time sheet promptly even if it is pass due time. Thank you for your assistance and timely response in every query that I may have had. My dealings with HR Team have been very pleasant indeed.

I wish Global Quest the best in all of your future endeavors. Thank You very much again.

Jethro G.

Thank you Global Quest Consulting for helping me establish a career with Globe GCASH!

May you continue to help other Filipino consultants grow and unleash their potential.

Rexie A.

I’ve been with Global Quest for more than 2 years. I haven’t got any problems with them, they are all professional, accommodating and friendly. 

They provide good compensation and payroll is always on time, mostly in advance.

Best consulting firm that I’ve joined with.

Randy L.

Almost 4 years working with Globe Telecom under Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. gives a colourful meaning to my life. I learned a lot from those past years and Globe Quest never fail to support me in times of needs and always there to provide anything that I need.

I want to thank Global Quest for the opportunity and experience that they give to and I will always remember that they are a part of my life that gives colour and meaning throughout my journey.

Thank you again.

Alyssa A.

I would like to thank Global Quest for giving me a good opportunity. The extent of collaboration at Global Quest is amazing. I learn and explore new things which help me grow as a Professional. The company provides very good service and support the decision of their employees.

Thank you and more success! :)

Jeremiah C.

I am extremely happy that i had a chance to be a part of this wonderful company. I learned various things which are helping to develop my work ethic and interpersonal skills. Also Global Quest is a thorough professional, paying great attention to detail while providing excellent support to us, Global Quest way of cooperation and driving things is outstanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. 

Daniel B.

Hi Global Quest,

I am extremely happy that i had a chance to be a part of this wonderful company. I learned various things which are helping to develop my work ethic and interpersonal skills. Also Global Quest is a thorough professional, paying great attention to detail while providing excellent support to us, Global Quest way of cooperation and driving things is outstanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Keep up the good work! God bless. 


Abegail S.

Working with Global is such a blessing. I was given a chance to work with Globe Telecom and now with Avon Philippines. They help me build an extra ordinary commitment with the client along with the camaraderie and friendship I build with the people inside the organization.  The people in Global Quest are very accommodating and friendly. They ensure everything is in order. You all made me what I am today. Thank you for believing and trusting me, for making me feel I am needed. I am very happy to be part of the Global Quest Team. It is indeed one of the best companies I ever had. May you have continued what you have started a long time ago. Go and touch other’s lives.

I will be forever grateful for all the opportunities you have given me. Cheers to more years of being together.


Udilean G.

As my first working experience, I can say that I enjoyed working with Global Quest and Globe Telecom. The people in Global Quest were very accommodating regarding my needs and questions. They were very helpful everytime I have questions and clarifications. As for Globe Telecom, I can say that working with Globe Telecom was one of the experiences that I will never forget.

Allana C.

"Working with Global Quest and Globe Telecom has been a great experience. It was a short period of time but I was able to learn a lot of things may it be work related or not. I am also thankful that people from Global Quest and Globe Telecom were approachable, I was able to adjust easily. "

Analyn C.

Global Quest is a free hassle group; always on time and they have a good accommodation for every applicant. I have a good experience at your team and may you continue your endeavor. 

Camille B.

I was with Avon for a 6 month contract as a Field Communications Assistant and was under an agency, Global Quest Consulting Inc. The agency was very accommodating and really helped me in finding the job that best fitted me. They see through your skills and talents and from there, they would help you to get the job that is really best for you. 

With my stay with Avon Cosmetics Inc., I felt I was a part of a huge family of skilled and diverse people. I consider having the opportunity to work in various departments and being involved in many projects as one of the greatest advantages of working with Avon because I was able to learn a lot from very smart and dedicated people that work there. I had a fun time working with Avon at the same time, I saw progress in my career as I move on to something new. I always felt very much at home with Avon. 

Jianica F.

My experience with Global Quest is something that I can consider valuable.  Though I only had few personal encounters with the company, besides the receiving of pay slip, I can say that I was well taken cared of as an employee.  I remember one instance I had a problem with my laptop, Global Quest was very accommodating to answer to my request of having it fixed.  I only had one concern since I was not informed ahead of time that my contract has to end 2 months earlier.  Nonetheless, I would say that my overall experience was excellent.  The HR personnel of the company are all very amicable.  My first taste of the corporate world did not disappoint in any way.  Thank you, GQ :-)

Mario H.

Global Quest is one of the best agency/company that i apply for. They are supportive on their employee. Thank you Global Quest for making my dream to work at Globe Telecom, it has a good experience working you with.


Gerald P.

Everybody has a story to tell, mine was when I was hired by Globe Telecom thru Global Quest Consulting Group Inc Agency good for one (1) year contract. I am Gerald P. Pableo a Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) assigned for Facilities Engineering of Globe Telecom. I coordinated my nature of work via my superiors and all my decision are consulted with them before implementation. I loved working in Globe, the people welcome me as a part of the team. We even go out for a couple of drink after work. If given the chance I will be open in working with this people again.

Global Quest & Globe Telecom thank you for the wonderful year of working with you.

Dexter T.

Hi All,

Had a wonderful stay with Global Quest, may we meet again in the future endeavour.

Thanks and God Bless!

Leonalyn C.

I’m thankful for a wonderful and rewarding experience. I will never forget it. I'm happy and grateful to those who have become my friends. I have met many and learned lots of things. It widens my knowledge and I learned to socialize. It was such an honor working with Globe Telecom. A company that is customer-oriented & provides high-quality service to its’ customers & employees.


Arvin C.

Dear Global Quest,

Thank you for all the help you have given me in the past 3 years of being IT Consultant in your company.

I specially appreciate the information and advice you have provided, and the contacts you have shared with me. Your assistance has been invaluable to me during those time.

Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity.

Krishia M.

Back July 2013, I was looking for another career where I can find career growth and at the same time balance my priorities. Until one day, a Consulting Group called me up regarding my application online via Jobstreet. They told me what the work is about and it made me realized that the job that they're offering suits the needs that I'm looking for at that time.

Fast forward to where I am now, Global Quest gave me a wonderful company to work for. Who knew that I would land to one of the biggest Telecom companies in the country? Global Quest opened up a lot of doors for me. They believed in my potential and I will truly be grateful for that.

Even though I am not together now with Global Quest, I know they are still behind me.

Thank you Global Quest! Thank you for the unlimited opportunities.

Jannine S.

"I am glad that I was under Global Quest for my first job experience. The company has made my transition to the corporate world smooth and hassle-free."

Donn Y.

I was a former employee of your good company that has been endorsed to Globe Telecom from February 25, 2013 to December 2, 2013, extending my deep gratitude for guiding and providing us a good services, not to mention about an early payroll every month.

Thank you, more power and god bless.

Eloisa B.

I was employed by Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. from February 25, 2013 to January 5, 2014 as POS Compliance Assistant.

In my position as POS Compliance Assistant, I had responsibility in Orienting the Merchants and Support all the Admins & Merchants concern.

It is my pleasure working with the Company and share my ideas to develop my skills that is beyond my expectation. I really appreciate the Support that the Company had given me the entire months.

I highly recommend Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. as I found the Company to be approachable, helpful and supportive with all related concerns.

Thank you and God bless!

Louie B.

Dear GlobalQuest team,

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for the outstanding service your team has provided during my time with GlobalQuest.  The company has been beyond reproach and every member of staff has been prompt, courteous, reliable, and professional.

Juvelyn A.

Dear GQ Team,

I would like to let you know that I am happy to be a part of your team and most of all the experiences you’ve given me. We may not see each other a lot but still you’re always there to guide and support our need and queries. We may not make to stay together for a long time but I really appreciate the time and effort we’ve shared as a team. Thank you for giving me a chance to work in one of the most well-known Telecommunication Company.

The experiences I have with Globe are very unforgettable and memorable one. I am happy that I was in a group that treating each other as a family. I may not align with the field I really want but the feeling that I’ve been part of TSSM is very much happy. I learned a lot from this group and it taught me to be a better and productive person. What I have learned from Globe will a big help on the next track of my career.

Thank you for a great time and experiences with you GQ Team. God bless!

Ann L.

Joining with Alveo helped me build my self-esteem and communication skills. It was not all about just a marketing job, but a channel in meeting and building good relationships with different types of people. A company where you can mix work and play, engage in most pressured competitions, observe unity and leadership among sales teams to achieve a common goal both to satisfy the Company & the Individuals. Ups and downs were always present  - that taught me how  to handle all situations  with a good attitude.

With GlobalQuest - salaries are on time, proper deductions are justified & reflected clearly, and people handling the consultants like me are always approachable and are willing to assist me anytime on all of my queries.

I am thanking both for all the knowledge and experiences it brought me, and without them I will not be molded into who I am today.

More power & Godbless!

Aldrin E.

I always dream to work in a big company and to be part of a reputable organization such as Globe Telecoms. Global Quest made it possible for me. I was able to work with hardworking and dedicated professionals. Aside from the technical skills I acquired and developed, I also learned to improve my interpersonal skills. To get along with different types of people, no matter what their position were or what department they belong, was relevant. Each individual played a role in the most surprising way at some circumstances. All projects we handled were considered as high priority. So it’s critical to manage our time, to coordinate constantly with the involve parties, and teamwork. As what our big boss, Sir Glenn Gracia, told us many times, don’t simply work hard but work smart. Efforts should be exerted efficiently so that no time will be wasted. To be assertive as a leader was also needed to finish a project on time. Handling our contractors was our main responsibility. We have expectations, requirements, conditions, and deadlines to meet as demanded by VIP subscribers.

But it’s not all about the pressure and exhaustion. We had some fun too. We were lucky to have generous superiors. We went out once in a while, had some drinks and unwind. We celebrated special occasions too such as birthdays and thanksgivings. 

My stay at the company also allowed me to travel from one place to another. I’ve been a total stranger to most towns from north to south. But I had no problem locating the sites because our contractors have been accommodating and cooperative. The camaraderie we built was strong and priceless. 

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to our manager, Sir Glenn Gracia, our project engineer, Sir Darwin Amor, and to our superiors, Sir Arnold dela Llana and Sir Roy Anthony Castillo for their guidance, understanding, and patience throughout my stay as one of their assistant engineer.

Special thanks to my fellow OSP engineers/inspectors, Ed Allain Danico, Dominald Barajas, and Mario Hipolito for their support and rescue during the implementation of some projects assigned to me.

I would also like to extend my deepest gratitude to the staff of Global Quest and the rest for making this work experience happen. I will always remember the consideration and assistance you’ve given to me.  Thank you very much and God bless!

Elizabeth Q.

I was employed at Alabang Town Center under Global Quest Consulting Group Inc. I've been working there for 1 year and 11 months. During my working days, a lot of adjustment and socialization was build. I met a friends and they make my work easy for me. I can say that there's no easy work, but if you let everything to be on your way then everything will be ok. I'm glad to be part of ATC and Global Quest even for a short span of time. They help me grow as a person. Thank you!

Bryan T.

During my stay in Global Quest Consulting Group Inc., I am very much lucky and blessed to be part of them. After my school years in college life. I am now ready for a new battle of my life which is the career life and professional world. They have shown me what is really best for me. I have been working in Globe Telecom for two years as a NOC Engineer under the team of Radio Access Network and Surveillance Engineering Team. I have a lot of things that I discover specially in my chosen field, working in a telecommunication industry is one of my priorities during my college days. This job is my first professional work as given an opportunity to be with this team I really enjoy and I have learned a lot of things with my profession, and building friendship with the team  and this world not be possible if the Global Quest did not able to realize what I can do.

Thank you and God Bless more power to Global Quest….

Analyn M.

Life is an expedition, yearning to a destination. All have stories to tell, experiences to share and learnings to retain as we go along the way. And for me, that’s what working with Globe Telecom and Global Quest, it gives me lot of experiences and learnings on what really life is, in a corporate world.

Globe Telecom will always be a part of me, as an employee, I really grew a lot and learned so much specially when it comes to being reliable and accountable in everything that I do. In that sense, I can say that I am something, ‘cause now, I know more, I can do more, and willing to know more. Thanks to Globe for giving me such an opportunity to grow.

And with Global Quest, I can say, You are the best!!!

Thank you, not just for giving us the gift of work, but for your incomparable care, love and concern to your people.  I also wanted to commend you for having a systemic way of handling people and their welfare. For almost one and half year of working with you, I’d never encountered any problem, even with compensations, there are no delayed salaries ever, it’s always on time, and we really do appreciate that. Thank you for taking care of us.

More powers to your company and God bless you more. 

Donapearl V.

I had a really wonderful experience with Globe Telecom. My past 8 months stay makes me feel that I have been part of a young hearted company.

It was colorful, surprising and just FUN

It is in here that I have learned that there are still a lot of things that I need to learn.

I was just lucky being part of it. 

Francia H.

Dear GQ,

I am so blessed and thankful working w/ Global Quest, They have a very supportive staffs.. and never naging late ang sahod :)

Thanks and more power for this agency!

Jorge C.

Global Quest Consulting Group, ay well professional ang mga employee especially HR  Department. Hindi sila  naging pabaya sa kanilang mga co-employee. Hanggang sa matapos ang aming contract, sila ay naging magaling sa pag-assist sa aming mga pangangailangan. Job well done.


Kenneth L.

I enjoy working with GlobalQuest and place a high degree of trust in them as my agency.

I can’t remember when I last sent a commendation to a company, but I have just been so impressed that I feel that it’s due. From start to finish your service has been more than excellent. The phone is answered immediately and everybody I have dealt with has been friendly, professional and on-the-ball whether the issue is work, salary or schedule. Any problem which has cropped up has been dealt with immediately. I have been in a lot of agency dealings with all sorts work over the years and I can say without a doubt that Global Quest is one of the most, outstanding. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Randy C.

Ang  masasabi  ko lang sa Global Quest ay naging maayos ang kanilang pagpapalakad sa empleyado at on time ang kanilang pasahod at maayos ang kanilang palakad. Salamat.

Ronald S.

They’ll do their best to find you a job. Very nice people. Easy to reach when you have questions. Always update you when there are job openings.

Raymond S.

My experiences with Global Quest and Ayala Group and Company ay masaya dahil sa Global Quest. If you have  a problem regarding sa lahat ay lagi silang handang tumulong in terms of finances. Lahat ng staff sa Global Quest ay aware kung ano mangyayari and they inform me kung paano procedures lahat. Unang work ko sa pagiging agency wala naman akong alinlangan  kahit agency ang Global. I’m so thankful dahil itong agency na ito ay supportive sa lahat ng employees nila. Masaya ako sa Global kung magkakaroon ng pagkakataong bumalik sa Global OK lang Kaya???hehehe

May V.

I’ve started working in Global Quest since May 2012. And it is a wonderful experienced worked with them. Thank you for the commitment it is a wonderful experience.

God Bless you all.

Ronaldo T.

I am very grateful for giving me the opportunity to have work with your good company. If given a chance I would still continue to be part of the Global Quest Family.

Again, Thanks and more power.

Yuletide P.

Being an employee of Global Quest for almost 2 years gives me good memories. Global Quest gave me my first job because they trust me, my strength also my weakness. They gave me the opportunity to grow and enhance my skills and abilities. They help me identify my capabilities, and focus on my personal growth. The company, also the staff treat me fairly and handled my concerns effectively. They treat me nicely and give me opportunities to experience things that will surely help me in the future. Being a part of this company gave me an experience that I will forever cherish.

Juan J.

Global Quest was my first step towards the real world. The company is fair on its employees. The employees are friendly and kind. Supporting and assisting you on your queries. It’s a good experience working with Global Quest.

Nerizza M.

Being with Global Quest Consulting Group, I’ve been given the chance to work with Tech Mahindra and Globe Telecom. It’s been such a great opportunity for me. The staffs had been so accommodating to my questions, and concerns. This job that they offered with me was QA tester position and I’ve learned a lot from it. I’ve enjoyed lot and made me realize to pursue this carrer. If given a chance I still want to work with Global Quest.

More power and continue to give lots of opportunities to others.

Gerrick D.

Thank you Global Quest! I am happy to be part of this agency. You really know how to take care of your consultants. Thank you! I wish this consulting firm will be in the industry for a long time. Thanks again.

Levy T.

I worked in Global Quest for almost 1.5 years as an IT consultant and I will say that working in Global Quest is a great experience since they are helping job seeker to find job that suited in their skills. Working here in Global Quest is very enjoyable and you will gain a lot of experience unlike other recruitment/consulting firm. Global Quest is the best they are not recruitment or agency firm they are an IT consulting firm which help business and enterprise in their IT needs.

For IT graduate folks there if you find hard landing jobs in IT field try to apply to Global Quest Consulting they will help you to find a job that is suited in your IT skills.

I wish to work again in Global Quest after I finished my short course related to IT.

Thanks Global Quest I wish the company success and prosperity continue.

Maita S.

Global Quest have a good management over the company their customers and employees. They gave attention and assistance to their employee’s need. They are sufficient in their work they give the satisfaction of their employees.

Jessalyn C.

First of all, I would like to thank the whole Global Quest Team for being good and patient for all of us (IT Consultants), I am very proud because I’d become one of your consultants. In fact, I always recommend Global Quest as one of the best agencies in Globe Telecom. I had a very good experience with you guys, you are very accountable, no doubts, and no worries.

Corazon A.

To Global Quest: Una sa lahat maraming  salamat po. Simula nung dumating ako  sa office niyo sobrang naramdaman kop o yong pagaasikaso  ninyo sa akin. Kapag meron po akong katanungan ay nabibigyan ng sagot. Sana po mas madami pa kayong matulungan at maraming salamat po ulit satin pinagsamahan.

To Globe (Dispatch Team): Sobrang privilege na maging parte ako ng isang magandang respetadong company. Madami akong natutunan sa mga naging immediate superior ko kung paano magtrabaho ng sariling diskarte, kaunting time meron. Tinuruan din nila ako ng magagamit ko pa sa mga susunod pang magiging trabaho. Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga naging bago kong pamilya at mga nabuong kaibigan sa mga masasayang araw at memories na hindi makakalimutan…

Jeoffer T.

To ALI-CII: My experience as a technical assistant during my tenure in ALI-CII is a very challenging and fulfilling experience in a way that I learned to work in a competent team and sometimes even working independently. My first two months is a learning process wherein I was being introduced to the scope of work and also being handled by a goal-oriented and disciplined immediate supervisor. But when the building administrator resigned on my first two months at work, life as a technical assistant became more challenging and hectic. It took some time to find a replacement for the building administrator position hence I took charge on most of its works. Given the situation of being independent, my work experience became tougher and tougher. On the other hand, it gave me an opportunity to extend my limitations and try even harder. As a result, I ended up molded as a better and stronger person as an employee. Generally, the experience is very amazing and I would also give credit to my co-employees who gave their best to support me during my learning stage in the company. I’ll give my best regards to ALI-CII and its employees from my supervisors to my subordinates as well for teaching me to be what I am now.

To Global Quest Consulting: For my Agency which give their support at it’s best  to be among the best competitor for the position they offered during my application, I’m giving my best regards that they may continuously give opportunities to fresh graduates that are willing and determined to fit in the position they are offering. Also, for the fair treatment that the Agency is giving to their clients, I’m offering my biggest thanks for that and I hope that they may continue their mission and vision to success of all their qualified clients in the mere future.

Francisco V.

Thank you Global Quest…. For giving a chance to be employ.

Bryan G.

Global Quest Inc. is very supportive to their clients in finding a job. The staffs are very friendly that makes you open to them and ask them any, they will answer you easily. They are very entertaining and happy to be with. When you have problem they are accommodating.

Fernando M.

This letter is to let you know how much I appreciated working with your Agency over the last year. The personnel have always provided us with excellent service regarding coordination, very approachable, easy to reach if we have questions or issues. With regards to salary, Global Quest always give it in advance to their employees.

I want to thank you sincerely for the employees of Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc.

Rosanna S.

Good Day!

For Global Quest, all I can say is Thank you very much for the 1 year and 3 months employed at your company and as part of your team.

For all the Agency it’s been only Global Quest that I’ve noticed was very informative of what was going on and informing the group of what was happening to us.

They are very accommodating, easy to coordinate and our payslip always submitted to us on time. They are informative about our benefits and compensation. At higit sa lahat hindi nadedelay yung sahod.

Thank you very much and more power.

For Globe Telecom, very fulfilling company conducive for working, career development and experience is attainable.

Jose B.

It’s been 1 year and 1 month with 3 days to be exact working with Globe and under to my agency Global Quest. I’m Very thankful that Global Quest help me to find my first job. First day of attachment to my agency, Global Quest employees are super accommodating, they always update me regarding to work and to policy how to handle things from work and I’m very thankful with that. In aspect of Salary including payroll and payday it is very easy to find answer if you have question they will explain it on the spot.

I hope someday I can work again under your agency. I hope to see you around!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH GLOBAL QUEST. God Bless and more power and people you can help build their dreams and future.

THANK YOU again.

Lee K.

I have been working in Global Quest handling Alveo Land Corp. for 2 years. It was my first job and it really helps me a lot. I've learned many things specially handling different kinds of personalities. For me, it was the best experienced for a first job. 

I have so much fun with Global Quest under Alveo Land Corp. 

Thank you so much for everything. 

Romel T.

It’s been good working in Global Quest giving good client and project. Looking forward to work again with the company in the future.

Thank you very much.

Jerome F.

People here are good and generous. They guide me on my training days very well and I learn from them that day onwards. When I’m in need of assistance they are always there to guide me.   I wished that I’ve met this people personally, maybe I get to know them more like my friends that I met in my work experience in Ayala Land Inc.

Thank you guys, wish you all the best.

Dave M.

Hi Global Quest,

We’re reach our parting time and I just want to thank you for giving the opportunity to be part of your company and also to Globe Telecom. Thank you for the professionalism you share with me and the endless support. I learned a lot not only just about the nature of my work but also to be a person itself. Thank you because I met new friends and I have been to many places. Thank you also to Globe especially to sir MJ/JEFF for believing in me. Thanks a lot and God bless and keep moving forward.

Raymond G.

Global Quest for me is the one of the most reliable recruitment company. I feel confident to compete with employment because the company is very competitive. I feel comfortable to work in a sense I compensated enough or even more because the company is supportive, generous, caring and inspiring with their employment. It’s so grateful and proud feeling to be part of Global Quest Group.

Thank you so much Global Quest.

Duane D.

Global Quest is one of the best I.T. Consulting Firm in the country today. Their clients include multinational company such as Coca-Cola Far East where I was assigned and now absorbed as a regular employee of Coca-Cola, a testament to the high standard of talent they provide to their clients. As an employer, Global Quest has been very supportive even after my transfer.

April B.

My Experience in this agency was great, they give me knowledge how to be a good consultant. Sometimes we had a bad times but at the end of the conversation everything will be okay. The staff are friendly and had patience to their consultant.

Thank you for giving me a chance and God Bless you all!

Daryl G.

About Global Quest… Mababait mga staff nila, pag nakausap mo sila sa personal laging naka-smile..

Masasabi ko lang po maganda po ang service nyo, yung pakikipagusap sa phone. Sa sweldo ok naman, nagumpisa ako magwork expect ko maliit lang pero malaki pala. Sana po one day makapagtrabaho po ulit ako under nyo.

Bobby B.

My experience with Global Quest is good and they have been fair in terms of Consultants’ benefits.

Melver D.

Working with Global Quest for around 11 months was very wonderful. I was deployed in AVON Cosmetics. Global Quest served as my supervisor, monitoring my performance, they gave a lot of privileges.

All I can say about Global Quest is a really really excellent Agency, systematic and well organized on their employees, I experienced it because I was treated when I’m deployed; the assigned personnel in AVON for Global Quest is very kind and understanding on my request.

Ella A.

I am so thankful to be a part of Global Quest. They find some ways when you raised some concerns about your post. Hope they will continue that kind of service.

Keep it up!


Charisma P.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank the employee’s from Global Quest for their wonderful help and support in my career transition. They are a true professional in this industry as they goes the extra mile to take a personal interest in me and my future. What I truly appreciate best about them are their attentiveness and readiness to help and reach out from any of my inquiries.

Thank you Global Quest.

Roselle L.

This is my first work after graduating in College. Working in Indra under Global Quest Agency was a great experience for me. I’ve learned a lot of things with my work.

Thank you for everything Global Quest and I’ve enjoyed and experienced a lot of things working under your agency.

Mary Joy Y.

What I'd like with your agency the most is that you are organized and strict with your policy. Please also continue in giving the updated payslip to all consultants every cut off for them to check their salary (real time) vs. attendance. Thank you also for accommodating all my concerns.

Madel P.

I joined Global Quest Consulting as a Salesforce Developer/Consultant in December 2012. Their staff and personnel are very accommodating especially in the hiring process. They reach out to your every concern and make sure they help you in every way they can. I’ve enjoyed working with them these past one and half years and I say all the memories are worth remembering.

Keep up the good work Global Quest! Hope that we’ll always stay in touch.

Thank you and more power! 

Maricel M.

I’d like to say thank you to Global Quest Consulting for being great and efficient company who serves their consultants and clients equally. Also, for providing me such a professional experience working in Ayala Land Premiere.

Heather A.

My experience at Global Quest Consulting Group and SEA-C Marketing Department in AVON COSMETICS INC. was memorable, interesting, challenging and fun.

First, it is memorable because it was my first job and I really learned a lot from there in and outside the office. Interesting, I learned to love my everyday work and duties together with my team. Challenging, because I get to think out of the box and my team would let me express and hear my ideas.

Lastly fun, I gained and learned many things and at the same time I loved how the people interact with one another it is as if we are whole as a family. I’m really thankful for such a meaningful journey that I had back in Global Quest and AVON, it is quite hard and sad for me to leave but it will always be a home for me.

Aldrin R.

Having been a GlobalQuest consultant for about two years, I would say that I was lucky to pick GQ over others who made an offer when we were moving from the previous consulting firm that I worked for.

There were misunderstanding at times (which really happens), but GQ people are really cooperative try to clear things out quickly for the welfare of the company, the client and the employee.

All in all, it was a really good experience… and if ever I would be a consultant again, I’ll seek GQ first.

Thanks GQ!                                                                                                                                   

Angiele L.

The most striking thing with Global Quest from the start of my contract with them is their excellent management over their employees. They treat their consultants seriously and professionally, which gives the feeling that they respect and strongly value the talents in their human resource. I appreciate how they are very approachable and helpful, especially on specific concerns about salaries, etc. They are quick to answer any query related to my contract, and will not dismiss any question as "unnecessary". Everything I ask about is made clear, and their transactions with me are transparent and well-explained. They are very accommodating in helping me understand some of the rules or terms and conditions that I questioned. And they do this with a friendly, light disposition which is also very helpful. Moreover, while working with them, they consistently made me feel "heard", as a consultant. Unlike other agencies, they actually considered what I/we have to say and the suggestions following through with that. And I believe this is one of the many things that makes them strong as an agency, because they know how to care even with rigid, corporate settings.

Thank you Global Quest! Thank you so much for being so responsible with what you are due to your employees, and for being so diligent with our salaries and breakdowns. This makes it so easy for my other co-consultants also to think the best of you and to trust you with our employment. It was really a great working experience to be under your agency, and my hope is that you'll prosper by so much in the future because of how excellent your operations are. Thank you! :)

Mel R.

Global Quest helps me to find a better job that suits in my skills. If you are looking an opportunity, start your career here!

Rafael D.

Global Quest Consulting Group helps people to acquire job experience to a company for him to get a right position.

“Very informative.”

Eddie M.

They are very responsible and informative to their employees.

Christiane B.

There are tons of reasons why I’m very thankful to Global Quest. Well, I got easily employed right after I finished my degree as an International Relations student, so basically this is my first job ever. I’m thrilled to be part of Ayala Group Legal as a legal assistant and at the same time I’m very lucky to be warmly accepted though I’m quite young to enter in this field compared to my colleagues who are more experienced than I do. Here at AGLegal, we treat each other like a family so I never felt alone. I’ve got to meet a lot of different people especially those who are prominent in terms of business development, real estate, politics and other business related fields. I’m confident that I learned a lot on the span of 1 year I’ve been here at AGLegal, and I know this learning will continue as long as I’m willing to broaden my knowledge. And through the effort and perseverance I’ve shown, they eventually gave me the privilege to be an official employee of Ayala.

These are all thanks to Global Quest, and I will be forever grateful that they guide me all the way until now. I will never forget how grateful I am to all the people at Global Quest.

Kyle D.

Global Quest is one of the best. They’ll take care of you. I’ll always look forward to work with this group.

Donna C.

GQ team is very approachable and gives feedback to my queries promptly. I enjoyed working under GQ.  :)

Working in GQ for almost 3 years, made a huge impact in my career. I've learned SAP BASIS and non-SAP applications; learned project management and handled documentations; experienced user support via phone, mobile, email and in-person approach.

Orville D.

Working under Global Quest is one of the most exciting events in my life, As a medical representative, more opportunities and challenges happened, you will meet different types of professional individuals and most of them are Medical Doctors and that will be the key to success and stepping stone in your future career, Thank you very much Global Quest for the wonderful opportunity that you opened for my future.

Norilyn L.

For the 3 months that I worked in AVON with GQ, I learned many things. For my first job, I experienced a lot of activities, lots of ups and downs and lot of perks working with the PR Dept.

Andrea R.

Global Quest gave me full assistance and support all throughout my stay. From being recruited up to my final days, the company took care of my needs and allowed me to grow as an employee. The company opened many doors that I know not all recruitment agencies can give. Thank You Global Quest!

Krismelle T.

Global Quest is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. For more than a year, they have been really consistent with their great service, fast feedback on concerns, and well managed employees. You know you are part of something great when you’re under this company.

John Mar M.

Working under Global Quest and ALI-CII was a great experience. It greatly improved my electrical engineering skills and changed my opinion about working under an agency. If my mother was not under medical supersvision, I am not going to resign from this job.

Jheric V.


Thank you for the wonderful experiences I gained while being employed in your company. I learned a lot and I am happy that Global Quest met all my expectations. Thank you for everything.

Charles Adelbert C.

Global Quest, ang masasabi ko lang ay isa sila sa tumulong sa akin upang ma-build up ang aking skills sa pamamagitan ng pag-aasign nila sa akin sa Amicassa. On time sila magpa-sweldo at madaling contact-in ang mga staff kapag may inquiry and clarification. Mabilis ang process ng loan sa mga government benefits.

Allan C.

Global Quest Company helped me a lot to get into the Job I wanted as IT Specialist and I will be able to use that in my future endeavors. I also enjoyed working for them and working together with dedicated IT Team. Thank you for the support and the opportunities that you have provided me during the last 2 years. I have enjoyed my tenure with the company. I wish you and the company all the best. I do hope our paths cross again in the future.

Charles Lou C.

Global Quest was a fantastic I.T. Consulting Company. My two years experience was great. Employees are friendly and easy to approach.

Ruby S.

To my Global Quest family,

I’m glad that you found, thank you for believing in me. I’m so blessed that this agency helped me in terms of my profession, character and attitude. It really bulit me to a better person I became now. Thank you so much guys :-)

Thank you for having me here.

Love Love,


Marc M.

First, I would like to thank the whole Global Quest Family for the great opportunity given to me. Without them, I might not able to gain all the knowledge and experience that I have now. I’m able to encounter the kindest officemates and most understanding bosses, able to learn to deal with different types of people and utmost, I am not what I am today without their help.

Thank you very much Global Quest Consulting Group, Inc. God Bless everyone.

Mary Jane M.

I have recently ended my contract at Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc. under your company. I would like to express my gratitude for providing me a good service and assistance in my stay at DMPI. Giving my payment on time and responding to my concerns/requests immediately are some of the good things I am grateful for.

I would highly recommend your company to the people I know who currently and who will seek their job because of your substantial service and delightful employees.

May Flor R.

Dear Global Quest Team;

Good Day!

Before leaving the company, I would like to acknowledge with deep thanks you’re many kindnesses to me during my stay that I worked with you for almost 4 months.

It’s not everyone who has an agency who is consistently cooperative, and understanding and I feel that I’ve been blessed.  Not only had I enjoyed working with you

But also I have learned so many things. And I would also like to Thank you for all the advises. 

Al T.

Global Quest is a nice Consulting Company. The Staffs are friendly and helpful. Salary is not delayed, but it depends on the consultant if he/she will send his/her timesheet in time.


Jerlyn A.

Hi, my name is Jerlyn Aguillon, service clerk at KPI under Global Quest.

Thank you for 3 years and 10 months experience. I'm so glad to be part of Global Quest.

Very considerate and kind to the staff (agency). Thank you for listening your staff and very approachable.