Date Posted: November 14, 2018

Job Location: Mandaluyong City

Job Description:


The position is responsible for all Mobile and Web Applications (Internal and External Projects).

  • All Mobile and Web Applications (Internal and External Projects)
  • Plans Website design by clarifying goals; designing functionality.
  • Develops website navigation by categorizing content; funneling traffic through content.
  • Develops website content and graphics by coordinating with copywriters and graphic artists; designing images, icons, banners, audio enhancements, etc.
  • Prepares website by installing and configuring server software; installing programming language using authoring and formatting tools; ensuring cross-platform compatibility; establishing links.
  • Establishes locatability by registering with search engines.
  • Upgrades website by updating content and graphics; monitoring performance and results; identifying and evaluating improvement options; introducing new technology; maintaining links.
  • Protects website by designing and installing security precautions.
  • Maintains website appearance by developing and enforcing content and display standards; editing submissions.
  • Provides information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.
  • Have creativity and imagination
  • Be able to work to tight deadlines.




Qualifications and Competencies


  • Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Interactive Media
  • Web Graphic Design, and design studies
  • Web Savvy, Planning,
  • Web User Interface Design,
  • Web Programming Skills,
  • Multimedia Content Development,
  • Animation
  • Editing video and audio
  • Internet Presence,
  • Teamwork, Illustration Tools,
  • Verbal Communication
  • Understanding Mobile and browser Capabilities