Test Lead (Sr. Project Manager)

Date Posted: February 12, 2013

Job Location: Mandaluyong/ Makati City

Job Description:

  • Responsible for leading and ensuring the delivery of functional and non-functional banking solutions by the testing team across multiple projects, which are small to medium in complexity.
  • Manages all testing activities, including the overall development and definition of the testing strategy, test plans, test cases, testing resources and testing environments as well as test execution across all test phases.
  • Manages relationships with product development and vendors.
  • Leads the compliance to Misys standard project management methods, processes and tools across project team; recommends project control approach and testing metrics; coaches project team members.
  • Creates, analyzes and communicates project deliverables; monitors performance of project team members; secures appropriate approvals; directs project status review meetings.
  • Head the project team in translating requirements into testing project plan and executing project plan to achieve project testing objectives.
  • Participates actively in global / organizational testing capability development activities and initiatives.


  • Graduate of BS Computer Science/ Engineering or any IT related course
  • Designed and implemented QTP Framework based on data-driven and keyword-driven test automation framework, reducing high cost of maintenance on test scripts in development, allowing to maximize the value of automation on each iteration or sprint
  • Developed a performance testing strategy based on Six Sigma DMAIC Model. Coached and mentored Test Engineers in analysis of usage patterns & key critical scenarios, definition workload profiles, development of test scripts in Load Runner and measurement of key metrics i.e. Response Time & Throughput.
  • Developed a set of test conditions for security/penetration test based on OWASP guidelines to improve quality of the product particularly in areas of confidentiality, authentication, availability, increasing the confidence of the client on the solution.

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