Temp Account Manager

Date Posted: May 2, 2012

Job Location: Mandaluyong City

Job Description:


1.        Visit the partners once or twice a week depending on the need. Will be guided by a checklist with the ff contents

§  Call-out report to gauge efficiency and compliance to set guidelines

·         No of Tele Agents

·         Calls per day per agent

·         Monitoring of conversion

·         Spiel Execution

·         Coaching

§  Turn-ins Monitoring

·         Volume

·         Quality

§  Operational Issues and Concerns

·         FT Updates

·         Internal Process Updates

·         Agents Concerns

§  Product Training and Updates

·         Promo Cascade

·         New Product Briefing

2.        Administrative Work

§  TPA Related

o    Visit Report per TPA

o    Daily FT monitoring

o    Daily Leads Analysis Report of TPA

o    Daily Report Monitoring and Consolidation

o    Monthly Sales Monitoring and Achievement of Target

o    Monthly Evaluation based on Performance

o    Complaints Monitoring and Memo Issuance

o    Response to Email Correspondences  

§  AM Related

o    Program Executions and Monitoring

§  Updating of progress of the programs assigned to AMs

o    Coordination with other Channels

§  Marketing : Regular Pricelist update

§  Credit and Billing: Application Processing and Updates

§  STS AMs: Update Cascading

o    Reportorial Requirements

§  Leads Report to be sent to Irish

§  FT Report of TPAs

§  Daily Turn-ins Monitoring