Tableau Developer

Date Posted: November 16, 2020

Job Location: Mandaluyong/ Makati City

Job Description:



The Tableau developer will primarily create and deploy Tableau dashboards for Mount Grace Hospitals, Inc. (MGHI). The role requires solid experience in end-to-end dashboard development via Tableau Desktop and complete comprehension of how file-based and relational database sources can be integrated and utilized to build dashboards. This function also includes the deployment of said dashboards through Tableau Server.




  • He/she will be assigned to develop and deploy Tableau dashboards for MGHI only, as detailed below:
  • Connect and integrate a variety of data sources (text files, Excel files, Microsoft SQL sources, etc.) for use with dashboards
  • Design, develop and implement Tableau dashboards
  • Review, design and implement modifications and iterations for existing Tableau dashboards in accordance with processes and controls
  • Update the data in existing dashboards as needed
  • Utilize programmed scripts for data preparation when necessary
  • Document work through code comments, specifications documents, and other relevant knowledge transfer documents
  • Conduct knowledge transfer sessions for transition to support




3 months





þ Computer Science/ Information Technology

þ Engineering (ME, IE, ECE, EE, COE)

 Others: (Specify)      


JOB REQUIREMENTS (Experience, Skills, Certification, Licensure etc.)


  1. Required:
    1. Solid experience in end-to-end dashboard development via Tableau Desktop
    2. Sufficient knowledge of Microsoft SQL or other relational database platforms
    3. Sufficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel, including calculations
    4. Able to complete deliverables with minimal supervision
    5. Familiarity with data preparation concepts, techniques, and tools
    6. Able to perform data validation between data sources and dashboards


  1. Preferred, but not required:
    1. Experience in Tableau Server
    2. Data engineering skillset
    3. Fast learner
    4. Satisfactory communication skills