PMO Lead Demand Management Consultant

Date Posted: June 6, 2022

Job Location: Taguig City

Job Description:

- Maintain in-depth knowledge and expertise of capacity and resource management

- Manage dependencies and forecasting across the portfolio

  • Resolve capacity and resource issues encountered
  • Discuss details of the problem with users
  • Performs system analysis, makes the functional templates for the progrmas
  • Prepare all related documentation according to the standards/ procedures
  • Train and assist users in ensuring things are uploaded correctly
  • Manage dependencies and forecasting across the portfolio

- Manage all programs, project and change request

  • Evaluate and gather the requirements of the users
  • Prioritize, against budget, outcomes and resources
  • Present alternative solutions  and the chosen recommendation
  • Prepare all related documentation according to the standards/ procedure

- Leads and deliver 

  • Ensures that all project goals are accomplished according to the specifications and business objectives
  • Familiar with a variety of concepts, practices and procedures
  • Leads and directs the work of the project teams

- Stakeholder Management

  • Ensures that reporting is provided to the assigned OCs within the agreed SLAs and criteria
  • Builds and maintains business IT partnerships and alignment - all progrmas and projects, will be complete end to end\

- Team Support

  • Ensure effective/ efficient coaching
  • Take cre of the team's needs by delivering support and training
  • Plan, supervise, review and monitor the workload/ work outputs of staff
  • Perform performance appraisals of direct staff


- Must have a bachelor's degree

- At least 5 years experience in Demand and Capacity Management

- At least 5 years experience of program/ portfolio management

- 5+ years of Functional Experience of implementing and managing Demand Management

- Experience in Implementing Demand Management as program manager or in any leadership role

- Core leadership competencies

- Must have good communication and presentation skills

- Good analytical and reporting skills

- Demand Management Process with Capacity management

- Familiarization Portfolio management and core business processes

- Work with MS Project online