Motorized Messenger

Date Posted: January 18, 2021

Job Location: Paranaque City

Job Description:


He is responsible for maintaining the vehicle in a perfect running condition which includes timely servicing, of changing, filter replacement, tuning, washing the vehicle and informing Maintenance personnel if there are major repairs to be done either electrical or mechanical.
• Noting down the mileage of each day and checking with its help, consumption of fuel and routine service check-ups after the prescribed mileage.
• Maintaining a logbook for the vehicle and ensuring that trips are registered and initialed by the concerned passengers.
• Clarifying schedule and anticipated deliveries before the shift begins
• Attending to bank-related activities such as depositing of cash/cheques, withdrawal of cash and collection of bank statements, etc.
• Collection, pickup and delivery of mail and other materials as required from and to the post office, government agencies and other institutions.


At least high school graduate
• Valid driver’s License
• Experience in the delivery position
• Familiarity with the layout of general delivery area
• Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to Manage multiple tasks within given frames
• Good planning and decision-making abilities
• Physically and mentally fit