Medical Claims Hotline

Date Posted: January 18, 2021

Job Location: Makati City

Job Description:


ü Promptly attends to calls made thru our Hotline by our Medical Providers and Client and/or members.

ü Give accurate information to inquiries made

ü Accurately approves hospitalization, OPD, Consultations, laboratory, diagnostics and surgical procedures as recommended by our Provider Specialist.

ü Acknowledges request for confinements from our Hospital Providers and approve or disapprove accordingly

ü Monitors approved confinements until member is discharged.

ü Facilitate discharge from hospitals of our clients/members and correctly computes for approved charges

ü In the absence of a Liaison Officer, issues accurate and correctly filled up LOA to Hospitals on behalf of EastWest Healthcare

ü Coordinates with Providers on other matters related to confinements.

ü Appropriately skilled to extract the correct medical information of approved or disapproved medical availments and accurately records them

ü Accurately records all Hotline Transactions

ü Perform other related clerical activities

ü Perform other related tasks on the instructions of the VP-Medical Director and the AVP-Medical Management

ü Acts as support to the Liaison Officers assigned to Provider Hospitals



Qualifications: Medical Course Graduate

: Good Communication Skills