IT project Associate

Date Posted: September 2, 2021

Job Location: Mandaluyong City

Job Description:


- Work alongside with a project manager in the completion of IT infrastructure project

- Assist in faciliating communication within a project team and across other departments and also serve as liaison between the project manager and other team members and perform important functions like updating timetables, schedules, progress reports, creating presentations and documentations

- Assist the project manager in completing projects on-times and within established budgets

- The project Associate will provide administrative work which typically involves documentation management, as well as setting up meetings, distributing project updates, and facilating team coomunication by performing background work on conference calls or video chats. He/she will ensureall project reports are collected in a timely manner and any timetable changes are communicated.

- The PA must ensure that the team has the resources they needed (provide logistics support)

- Project Associate will work with other department outside the project to provide necessary communication and feedback 

- prior experience in administrative work is often required as well



- Project management skills 

- Excellent computer skills and experience in MS PowerPoint , MS Excel and MS Project

- Excellent communication and presentation skills

- Strong critical thinking, analystical and problem- solving skills

- Good collaboration skills

- Systematic and organized

- Knowledge/ experience in IT Operations