Data Engineer

Date Posted: March 15, 2022

Job Location: Mandaluyong City

Job Description:

Job Description:

- Will be assigned to work primarly in data engineering and data visualization development for ULSSI.

Data Engineering:

  • Use platforms such as Microsoft SQL and AWS platforms to fulfill data engineering requirements
  • Perform ETL and create necessary data pipelines using the aforementioned tools to satisfy the data requirements of ULSSI. This involves a variety of tasks such as data ingestion, consolidation, transformation, cleansing,validation, automation or other activities meant to prepare data to be suitable for ULSSI's use cases
  • Stored prepared data into the data warehouse following suitable standards and controls. Prepared data is expected to be used with Tableau with dashboards as final outputs
  • Work on data provided by different data ingestion tools or approaches such as APIs and ingest the required data into ETL pipelines
  • For some deliverables, there will be a need to prepare data for statistical analysis, including predictive meaning

Data Visualization:

  • Connect and integrate a variety of data sources (text files, Excel files, Microsoft SQL sources, etc) for use with dashboard
  • Design, develop and implement Tableau dashboards to support ULSSI's requirement
  • Review, design and implement modifications to existing Tableau dashboards in accordance with processes and controls
  • Provide operational support as necessary for ULSSI dashboards that have been published to Tableau Server. This includes but is not limited to data updates and troubleshooting



- Expertise in SQL and data warehousing

- Relevant working experience in ETL, preferably Microsoft SQL SSIS or AWS Glue

- Experience in working with  APIs for data ingestion

- Working knowledge in data-oriented and statistical modeling programming languages such as Python, Spark, R or Java

- Working knowledge of data visualization tools and how they function

- Experience in Tableau Server support

- Experience in end-to-end dashboard creation using Tableau desktop

- Experience in supporting data requirements of  a sales or marketing organizations