Date Posted: April 4, 2023

Job Location: Makati City

Job Description:

- Main helpdesk support for Lynx CRM

- Answers email and/or phone inquiries of office-based and field personnel related to Lynx CRM

- Communicates and coordinates with Lynx Support Group for issues that cannot be handled by the local team

- Inform the CE Manager in case of any issue

- Performs regular update in the CRM system's master files such territorial heirarcy, users, products, etc

- Performs regular update on the Medical Representatives' target doctors and cycle plan targets

- Creates and prepares monthly account-team, cycle plan targets & sample transfer files for uploading to Lynx

- Performs transfers of doctor & activities data from Lynx CRM to local MS SQL database if needed

- Generates the data for monthly activities reports from Lynx local service program SPAS & distributes to the different users


- Must have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Engineering or any related courses

- With at least 1-2 years related experience

- Must proficient using Excel +++, PowerPoint, Sales Force, PowerBI

- Hybrid Setup

- Willing to work ASAP