Company Nurses

Date Posted: November 27, 2018

Job Location: Makati City

Job Description:

  1. Liaise with the COMPANY and ENGTEK PRECISION PHILIPPINES INC for the day to day administration of Health Plan, Insurance Coverage and Dental Program of ENGTEK PRECISION PHILIPPINES INC.


  1. Report and monitor receipts of additions/deletions, covering endorsements, billing, membership IDs from the Principals, Dependents, and Extended Dependents of ENGTEK PRECISION PHILIPPINES INC. in close coordination with the COMPANY.


  1. File and monitor the status of claims filed for reimbursement by members after pre-adjudication of claims and completeness of claim documents in close coordination with the COMPANY.


  1. Immediately report to the COMPANY any case needing immediate attention.


  1. Assist the COMPANY assigned Retainer Physician/in the preparation of reports to be submitted to the COMPANY at a frequency and format the company may require.


  1. Liaise for ANNUAL PHYSICAL EXAMS/EXEUTIVE CHECK UPS in coordination with the COMPANY, ENGTEK PRECISION PHILIPPINES INC. and the Retainer Physician/s.


  1. Assist retainer physician/s during consultation i.e. taking of vital signs, giving oral and parenteral medications as prescribed by the retainer physician/s.



  1. Dispense clinic medicine as needed as medically necessary under guidance by the retainer physician/s.


  1. Assist in the emergency treatment of cases requiring urgent need for medical attention under the guidance by the retainer physician/s.


  1. Record and maintain patient’s medical data gathered during consultations and treatments.


  1. Assist patient during confinement as needed including assistance in the documentation requirements necessary in hospitalization availment i.e. SSS, PhilHealth, and HMO.


  1. Perform other duties that maybe assigned from time to time by the company and/or ENGTEK PRECISION PHILIPPINES INC. in coordination with the COMPANY.